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The Connecticut School Massacre: Manufacturers Should Take the Lead on Gun Control

Posted By David Brousell, December 15, 2012 at 3:18 PM, in Category: Industrial Policy

Once again, the nation mourns the victims of a mass killing at the hands of a gunman with powerful weapons. Once again, we search for answers and solutions to prevent another such tragedy. And, once again, we are gripped by a sense of futility and powerlessness.

Why such a sense? Because we already know the answer to the problem, but haven’t taken action. We already know that weapons such as the semi-automatic guns used in Connecticut, as well as even more deadly assault weapons, are too easy to get. We already know that we live in a national culture of violence that’s becoming increasingly poisonous, with images of killing and barbarity flooding our televisions and electronic devices nearly every hour of the day. We already know that our so-called political leaders, who are quick to offer platitudes after each tragedy, won’t take what President Obama called “meaningful action” to stop the killing.

And we already know that the public at large—overfed, over-caffeinated, and increasingly digitally addicted and distracted—not only can’t be counted on to address the problem, but is, as a consequence of its inability to either understand or focus on the issue, part of the problem itself.

But what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT,  to 20 children between the ages of five and 10 is the limit for me. We can’t take any more opinion polls, talk about the need for more mental health services to interdict potential killers, or wait for spineless politicians to pass yet another porous piece of legislation.

It’s time for the industry that makes these weapons—the manufacturing industry—to take the lead and stop the madness. Manufacturers from every sector of the industry, led by the gunmakers themselves, should come together and devise tough rules on the availability ofsemi-automatic handguns and rifles, and other assault weapons. The industry should create breakthrough legislation to control the availability problem once and for all, and deliver it to Congress and the President.

If our national political leaders won’t act, the manufacturing industry should. It is the right thing to do

Category: Industrial Policy
Written by David Brousell

Global Vice President, General Manager and Editorial Director of the Manufacturing Leadership Council

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